About us

'DIADA ENGINEERING' Ltd. - Sofia is a construction company founded in 1995, company file №: 18376 of Sofia City Court.

The company specialises in complete building of:

  • industrial buildings and facilities;
  • administrative buildings;
  • enterprises of the food industry.
  • storage, trade buildings, gas stations, etc

main activities: Production and Building of metal constructions

'DIADA ENGINEERING' Ltd. also performs:

  • design of buildings and facilities
  • construction – sectional reinforced concrete structures
  • construction – solid reinforced concrete structures
  • implementation of highly durable concrete floorings

The company is a member of Bulgarian Building and Construction Chamber since 2000 /Certificate №10405/.
After the joining of Bulgarian Building and Construction Chamber in the Bulgarian Construction Chamber in 2006 the company becomes a member of BCC

On the founding of the Central Professional Building Register the company is registered by Protocol №64 from 08.10.2008 for performance of:

FIRST GROUP: high-buildings construction and the adjacent infrastructure, electronic communication nets and facilities

FIFTH GROUP: different types of construction and installation works.

Quality control :
The company has implemented a Quality Control System BDS EN ISO 9001: 2008 – Certificate for registered quality control system applicable to : CONSTRUCTION OF BUILDINGS AND FACILITIES; PRODUCTION OF METAL CONSTRUCTIONS

The control on the observance of healthy and safe work conditions is performed by personnel possessing the required qualification and certificates.

Technical equipment:
The company commands its own production and storage facility in Sofia and Novi han village. Lorries and light-weight trucks, machines and equipment needed for the performance of the construction and production activities: